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Construction Fence  provides and installing temporary fence to the construction industry, special events industry and other organizations, we can secure any size location. We offer a wide range of fences and more for residential and commercial customers. Including...

  • Chain Link Fence

  • Panel Fence

  • Privacy Screen

  • Wrought Iron, Wood & Vinyl

  • Boardwalks (High Rise Pedestrian Protection)

  • Bollards

  • Construction Site HazMat Fence

  • Shade Cloth

  • Gate Automation for Vehicles

  • ADA Hand Rails

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At Construction Fence we have been providing and installing temporary fences in San Diego County for over 24 years. Trust us to handle securing any event, no matter how big. 




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Is professional installation included with fence rentals?

Professional installation is commonly provided when purchasing a permanent fence. However, professional installation is very beneficial when opting for a temporary fence, as well. Mistakes made during the installation process can reduce the overall effectiveness of the temporary fence and may even cause premature wear and tear on the materials or mechanisms. Additionally, installing a fence – even a temporary fence – involves a great deal of hard work. The installation process requires specific knowledge, skills, and equipment, and it is easy to make mistakes that will be difficult to correct once the fence is fully installed. When shopping for fence rentals, always be sure the company you choose has the right credentials to provide professional installation and that the company guarantees the effectiveness of their work. 


How can construction projects benefit from fence rentals?

Fence rentals are commonly used during all kinds of construction projects. The two primary types of construction projects are building and industrial construction. Building construction can be residential projects like condos, townhomes, and nursing homes, or they can be commercial structures like restaurants, banks, or even skyscrapers. These types of projects necessitate construction sites that are often filled with dangerous equipment and all kinds of safety hazards. To protect the public from these sites, as well as to protect the sites from trespassers, fence rentals are required. For industrial construction projects, fence rentals are even more important. These types of projects include structures like power plants and factories. Protecting these sites with fence rentals is vital for the future safe operation of the facility. Interference with the site may cause flaws that lead to violations in safety regulations once the facilities are operational. Opting for fence rentals ensures the safety of everyone involved in construction projects.


Along with fence rentals, what other construction services may be needed for construction projects?

Construction projects, whether commercial or residential, are complicated and require a great deal of knowledge and equipment to successfully complete. To help your team finish the project on time and on budget while maintaining compliance with all regulations, there are a wide variety of construction services available that can be provided along with fence rentals. For example, your construction project may require a gate that opens wide enough for very large equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, and backhoes. Other areas of your site may only require a gate that accommodates foot traffic. Handrails that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Acts, or ADA, as well as gate automation technology, are important to ensure the needs of all workers and visitors to the construction site are met.


Can I utilize fence rentals for my home?

While construction sites often need fence rentals to protect against trespassers and to keep equipment contained, a temporary fence may also be helpful for residential customers. For example, if you are renting your property, a temporary fence can be the right choice. By renting your fence, you avoid the cost of permanent fence installation. Plus, it may be against your lease to install a permanent fence. If you are a residential customer who owns a pet or if you are a temporary caregiver for a pet, whether you rent or own your home, opting for a temporary fence will protect the pet and give you peace of mind without the permanence and cost of a traditional fence. 


Can a temporary fence be a good investment for my farm?

If you need to fence in certain areas of your farm, purchasing a new fence for your land is likely to be very pricey. Additionally, you may not know exactly what type of fence or what layout is best suited for your farm. Instead of installing a permanent fence right away, a temporary fence can help you determine which type of material and structure is best suited for your needs. Fence rentals can be an excellent investment for farmers to have on hand year round because they are movable and can be easily taken down and reinstalled elsewhere. For large farms, moving the fence is often necessary to utilize various parts of the land at different times of the year. Moreover, you may discover that what you thought was the perfect layout is far from ideal. With fence rentals, no harm is done. You simply relocate the fence and try a different formation. 


What types of rentals might I need when hosting an event that is open to the public? 

Depending on the type of event you are planning, you may not think that crowd control is something to consider. However, crowd control does not just refer to a rowdy crowd that may be intentionally going through barriers. It can simply refer to keeping your guests in the appropriate areas and making it clear which direction they should be walking or areas where they should be waiting. Concerts, festivals, fairs, races, and any event that involves people waiting in lines are all examples where barricades are an essential type of event fencing. Event fencing includes a specific type of barricade that is available is a variety of heights and widths to accommodate your specific needs. Event fencing like barricades make it much easier for your event organizers and security to keep the crowd in the proper areas and under control to ensure there are no incidents that interrupt the event or put anyone at risk during the event.


What level of personal service can I expect when shopping for fence rentals?

At Construction Fence, our helpful, knowledgeable team will be with you every step of the way. No matter if you have purchased temporary fences dozens of times before or if this is your first time, we will talk through all of your options and really listen to what you need. Our expert team will present every option we have available, including materials, size, and special features, and we will always keep your budget in mind. We understand that fence rentals are an important aspect of any construction project, as well as for residential customers, farms, and events, and we are confident that we can help you find the very best option for your needs and your budget.